Government of India's Requirements For VISA

The foreign participant should submit online application for visa at -

As per Government of India's regulations/rules, we need to submit some details of the delegates well in advance to some of the ministries. While we received "in principle" approval/permission from Ministry of Home Affairs for organizing/conducting the conference, (which is a competent ministry) we need to send consolidated list of foreign delegates to them well in advance.

Kindly fill in the VISA form attached and send to -

For Invitation letter fill in the same form with subject liner as : "Invitation Letter- Your Name"

Visa Guidelines:

Conference Attendees:

An entry visa is essential for all foreigners visiting India. There are several types of visa, including Conference, Tourist and Business Visas.

Those traveling specifically for the 2017 Asia AHRD Conference in India to be held Nov 7-10, 2017 should apply for a Conference Visa using the "Apply Online" link in a circle at the bottom of this webpage:

Do not click on the “E-Visa” link.

E-Business Visa is for International travelers who's a purpose of visiting India is for Business Meetings, Set up Business Venture, Sale, Purchase, Trade, To Recruit Manpower, Attended Exhibitions and Trade Fairs and to deliver Lectures Under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).

The e-business visa is NOT VALID for Employment, NGO/ Volunteer activities, Journalism and Conferences purposes in India.

As per the new regulations, e-visa for International Visitors attending Conferences and meetings in India is approved only after seeking approval from the MHA

A Conference Visa allows tourism, but a Tourist Visa does not allow the holder to attend a conference. An online application must be made well before the Meeting, preferably 60 days before the conference date. Note that many private visa-assistance companies are not familiar with the Indian Conference Visa application process, and may recommend that you apply for a Business Visa, which is incorrect.

Please note that the responsibility of getting a visa lies with the applicant, and the India conference team cannot influence the embassy to grant a visa.

Online Visa Application:

Indian Embassies require visa applications to be made online. This can be done from the Indian Government website:

Please note that this website is operated by the Indian Government, not the India Conference team. Here are some tips on using that website:

Conference Related Info - There are a number of fields that are related to the conference, here is how you should fill those out:


Some Indian embassies and consulates have outsourced their visa processing services to VFS Global (

For the United States, all Indian visa processing services are provided by Cox & Kings Global Services (

Online Visa application Steps for applicants residing in the United States:

You need to go to the Cox & King website at and start completing the application details asked on this website.

The Application guide is at

Please note that the responsibility of getting a visa lies with the applicant, and the India conference team cannot influence the embassy to grant a visa.

Documents required for a Conference Visa

Documents required by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in your country may vary slightly from country to country. It is the responsibility of the participant to check the website of the local Embassy to see what documents are required for a Conference Visa. Documents for a Conference Visa will at the very least include the Visa Application Form, an Identification Letter from your Institution, and Photographs. In addition, you will need the following documents:

Please note that these documents are only required for applying for the Conference Visa. They are not required by those applying for a Tourist Visa, i.e. accompanying persons. Letters of invitation can only be issued to those attending the Conference and not accompanying family members.


We look forward to your registration/participation in the conference.


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