Session Design

Session Plan

Tentative Schedule
7 - Nov Time Venue Program Details
08.00-09.00 KLMDC- Old Campus Registration
09.00-10.45 Conference Hall HRDR Session - Dr. Jia Wang Engaging in Non-empirical Research:
A Road to Successful Publication
10.45-11.00 Near the Venue Tea
11.00-11.30 Auditorium Inauguration Welcome Address :
Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran
Chairman : Prof. J P Sharma Vice Chancellor-MLSU
Guest of Honor : Prof. V Shrimali HOD of Business Administration, MLSU
Guest of Honor : Prof. G Soral Dean, MLSU
11.30-17.00 Auditorium Workshop - Dr. Ronald L. Jacobs Developing Leadership Pipeline:
Structured On-the-Job Training (S-OJT):
Theory and Implementation
11.30-17.00 Conference Hall Workshop-Dr. Gary N. McLean Writing for Publication
13.30-14.30 KLMDC Lawn Lunch session continues
15.45-16.00 Gallery Tea session continues
8 - Nov Time Venue Program Details
06.15-07.15 KLMDC lawn Yoga Session Ms. Sangeeta Thawani - Sivananda Ashram
08.00-09.00 KLMDC- Old Campus Registration
09.00-10.30 Conference Hall Main Theme MT002F MT007F MT014F MT005F MT008F 137W
09.00-10.30 Auditorium Main Theme MT013F MT004F MT001F MT012W MT006W MT010F MT011F
10.30- 10.45 Gallery Tea
10.45-12.30 RJM Auditorium Inauguration Welcome Address :
Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran Hon. Director, AHRD
Keynote Speaker : Dr. Anil Gupta Professor IIMA
Guest of Honor : Dr T V Rao Chairman, TVRLS
Chief Guest : Shri A S Kiran Kumar Chairman ISRO
12.30-13.30 KLMDC Lawn Lunch
13.30-15.30 Auditorium Panel Discussion Trans global Perspectives of Sustainable Development of Human Capital
Dr. AAhad Osman-Gani
Dr. Yonjoo Cho
Dr. Parthasarathi Mishra
Ms. Hema Mani
Dr. Aquil Busrai
Mr. Ashutosh Jani
15.30-15.45 Gallery Tea
15.45-17.00 Auditorium Rick Holden Workshop Relevant but rigorous: developing
scholarly-practice outcomes in HRD
17.00-17.30 Auditorium Joint SIG Meeting India, China and Korea HRD SIGs
15.45-18.00 Conference Hall WIP- Track I and II MT003F 107W 111W 116W 119W 120W 123W 135W 138W 142W 150W 122W 202W 204W 230W 232W 221W
9 - Nov Time Venue Program Details
06.15-07.15 KLMDC lawn Yoga Session Ms. Sangeeta Thawani - Sivananda Ashram
09.00-11.00 Conference Hall Track I 108F 102F 106F 103F 112F 109F 105F 114F 146F
09.00-11.00 Auditorium Track II 208F 205F 203F 201F 210F 211F 207F 209F
11.00-11.15 Gallery Tea
11.15-13.15 Auditorium Panel discussion Industry-Academy Interface: Bridge between HRD Theory, Research and Practice
Dr. Darlene Russ Eft -
Dr. Rick Holden
Mr. Shrikant Lonikar
Mr. Raj Narayan
Dr. Shailendra Mehta
Mr. Nayan Pareek
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma
13.15-14.15 KLMDC Lawn Lunch
14.15-15.45 Conference Hall Track I 121F 127F 126F 129F 131F 117F
14.15-15.45 Auditorium Track II 212F216F 217F 218F 220F 222F
15.45-16.00 Gallery Tea
16.00-18.00 Conference Hall TrackI 139F 133F 143F 141F 144F 140F 134F 149F
16.00-17.15 Auditorium Track I and II 225F 148F 227F 233F 132F
17.15-18.15 Auditorium Journal Editors Panel Journal Editors panel on Academic publishing – by

Dr. Jon Werner
Dr. Jia Wang
Dr. Julie Gedro
Dr. Maria Cseh
19.00 Onwards Nehru Foundation for Development
Centre for Environment Education(CEE),
Thaltej Tekra, Ahmedabad
Cultural evening and Gala dinner* MUDRA School of Classical dances
10 - Nov Time Venue Program Details
06.15-07.15 KLMDC lawn Yoga Session Ms. Sangeeta Thawani - Sivananda Ashram
09.00-11.00 Auditorium Panel Discussion Youth Icon HR Leader: Lateral thinking for Gen Next HR
Dr. Louis Quast
Dr. Jon M. Werner
Mr. Dileep Jain
Mr. Anil Nair
Mr. Manoj Sharma
Dr. Nidhi Vashishth
11.00-11.15 Gallery Tea
11.15-13.15 Conference Hall Track III 301F 312F 308F
323F 318F 311F 316F
11.15-13.15 Auditorium Track III 320F 302F 327F 330F 329F
11.15-13.15 CR I WIP -Track III and IV 421W 314W 309W 416W 304W 436W 428W 425W 406W 328W 429W 437W 443W
13.15-14.00 KLMDC Lawn Lunch
14.00-16.00 Conference Hall Track IV 404F 402F 414F 413F 407F 412F 418F 438F 440F 434F
14.00-16.00 Auditorium Track IV 415F 442F 422F 408F 444F 446F 447F 423F 448F
16.00-16.15 Gallery Tea
16.15 -17.15 Conference Hall Valedictory Welcome address :
Dr. Rajeshwari Narendran
Keynote Speaker : Dr. R Karthikeyan ,National President ISTD
Keynote Speaker : Dr. D M Pestonjee Chairman, Academic Council, AHRD
Chief Guest: MR. R S Sodhi MD,GCMMF

*Transport would be provided from IIMA Campus to CEE

Presentation Schedule

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